nest     (nĕst)


    1. To build or occupy a nest.
    2. To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge

I’ve always loved making things, particularly out of textiles, so after training as an interior designer I started Nest back in 2001. Since then, it’s grown from just me in a basement to a crack team of seamstress ninjas designing pieces for architects, hotels, restaurants and private clients.   Together, we make curtains, blinds, cushions, covers, hangings and lampshades – in fact, most things for the interior that can be sewn. My speciality is in sourcing vintage fabrics, alchemising them into modern designs and tailoring them to the places they’re made for.  When a client comes to me, we decide together which textiles to use and how best to achieve the look they want.  I’ve made everything from vintage patchwork curtains for a gypsy caravan to 42 pairs of silk curtains for an Indian palace, I’ve stitched for a Dame and hung for a Beatle. The process of finding a beautiful textile, imagining what it might want to become and then seeing the creative process through to the last stitch still seems to me a form of magic.